I’m Kyle. I ride a motorcycle. I take photos.

My current passion is primarily nature photography and videography with some landscape imagery thrown in, but like to dapple in all subjects. I hope you enjoy my photos, and feel free to contact me.

Recent Posts

Pelicans? In Muncie? Yep!

Recently I saw a few posts and heard some rumblings on social media about the “pelicans at the reservoir”. I considered heading out to try and take some pictures but figured they would be long gone by the time I got out there, so I kinda forgot about it. Then one Saturday morning a week … More Pelicans? In Muncie? Yep!


After reading about C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), I planned on trying to get some photos, but the weather did not cooperate for a few days. I was able to finally get out to photograph it on the evening of July 13th at Prairie Creek Reservoir here in Muncie. It was a clear night, and the reservoir’s … More Comet NEOWISE

2020’s first supermoon – the “Worm Moon”

Enjoy this time lapse of the supermoon rising on March 8th through a thin layer of high clouds. Details for those who care:Nikon D780, Nikkor 24-120mm f4. Images captured at 1.3 second exposure at f4 and ISO 1000. 5 second interval for 1 hr 30 seconds. Video created using in-camera time-lapse function.

A Morning with the Coopers (Hawks)

It has become my tradition to spend an hour and a half on Saturday morning walking around the White River on the east side of Muncie, Indiana to see what I can photograph while my wife teaches yoga. My route usually takes me along the River and through the John Craddock Wetlands Nature Preserve. Today … More A Morning with the Coopers (Hawks)

Come Bird-watching with me

Come along on a winter bird-watching and photography trip to the John Craddock Wetlands Nature Preserve and adjacent White River in Muncie Indiana.


A few of my favorite wildlife photos. … More Fauna

My Birding Map

This is a map showing the locations and types of birds I have photographed. Click a point to see info about the Bird and a link to the photo.

January River Walk

A walk along the white river on a cold January afternoon


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